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At a point in my life where everything that I had come to know was crumbling around me, Donna was rock solid and provided me with the comfort of a trusted professional and friend. In the end, Donna helped me to find myself, see myself, know myself, and love myself. After that, everything was easy. I became confident instead of cocky; fearless instead of fearful; secure instead of insecure. I became a better friend, a better father, a better employee, and a better person. And, after my divorce, I met and married the woman of my dreams – someone who would have been unattainable in my former state of mind. I could not have made that journey alone.
– Neil (former patient of Donna Laikind)

If you are seeking the truth, prepared to work hard, probably cry a river of tears, and be guided on a path of discovery and understanding, then Donna Laikind is the person you should seek. To say that Donna saved my life is somewhat melodramatic; but to say that she brought me to the point that I could enjoy my life is the absolute truth. I trust her not only with my own life but with those of my children, whom she also saw and helped. I still see Donna from time to time for a “tune up.”
– Peter (former patient of Donna Laikind)

Donna Laikind is a truly gifted clinician. Her enormous intelligence is balanced by real concern and a desire to help her clients. People feel that they are in a safe place and that it is alright for them to explore their lives and their struggles. As a colleague, I have worked with Donna for years and continue to learn from the remarkably unique ways in which she practices and teaches.
– Michael Colberg, JD, MSW (Faculty NYU School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry)

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